Williamsburg American Legion Post 288


Williamsburg American Legion Post 288

Hall Rental Agreement

208 East Main Street

Williamsburg, Ohio 45176




Name ___________________________________________________________________________


Driver’s License Number ____________________________________________________________


Renters Address___________________________________________________________________


Home Phone___________________________________ Work Phone________________________


I do hereby agree to rent the “Hall” at the Williamsburg American Legion Post 288 for the date(s)

Listed below.  I also understand the “Hall” is a no-smoking area.

Date(s) ______________________________________

I certify that I have read and understand the terms of the hall rental agreement as indicated on

Page two (2) of this contract and agree to abide by these terms.



WITNESS_________________________________SECURITY DEPOSIT RECEIVED________________


OCCASION________________________________RENTAL TIME_____________________________


BANK NAME_______________________________COMMENTS_____________________________


BEER $145.00 PER ½ KEG             YES/NO




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A hall rental fee of $400.00 shall be paid no later than the dates of the scheduled hall rental.  A deposit of $100.00 shall be paid at the time of the contract signing and will be refunded within two weeks after the rental date, if post property and rules are respected and abided.  The hall rental shall be for no more than 182 persons, which is the maximum capacity for the hall.  In the event the hall rental is cancelled, the security deposit may be forfeited.  The decision will be at the discretion of the Post 288 officers.

The hall rental cost includes using the hall for no longer that five (5) hours.  All additional items to be purchased from the post, listed on page one (1) are separate from the hall rental fee and will be paid at the same time as the hall rental fee.  Any additional time past five (5) hours will be charged at a rate of $60.00 per hour or any part of an hour and payable at the same time as the hall rental fee.                            

The hall may be rented for small events on off peak hours.  The rental cost is $75.00 per hour with a two-hour (2) minimum.  The latest time that a person other than a legion member working the event can be inside the hall is 1AM.  This means that all drinking, music and socializing will cease by 12:40AM.  Please take this into consideration when scheduling your event.

Rental of the hall shall include time required for setup and decorating.  The time shall not exceed three (3) hours.  Set up time shall usually be on the same day as the event unless otherwise approved by the hall rental chairman.

The decoration policy is as follows:  NO CONFETTI OF ANY TYPE, no straw or any other item that will cause an excessive mess in the hall.  No posting or covering of any of the walls or murals or tying of things on the wall sconces.  Five (5) cables are provided for the hanging of decorations.

Abuse policy:  If the hall suffers intentional abuse the security deposit will be forfeited.  Abuse includes as examples:  excessive mess of hall floors, tables and restrooms, intentional damage done to the hall, willful use of items prohibited in the decoration policy, excessive loud and lewd behavior or verbal abuse of post members working the event.  There will be no snuff or chewing tobacco allowed inside of the hall.  The renter is responsible for the actions of their guests.  If abuse becomes extreme the event may be shut down and legal action will result.

Other items to be covered are:  as soon as a keg of beer is tapped it is considered sold.  At the end of an event any tapped keg remains the property of the Post.  Consumption of alcoholic beverages outside of the hall is strictly prohibited.  Underage consumption of alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited and it is the renter’s responsibility to enforce this rule.  It shall be the responsibility of the renter to ensure that all personal items are removed from the hall at the end of the event.  This includes band equipment.  Under no circumstances is the renter or the renter’s guests allowed downstairs unless accompanied by a post member.

The Williamsburg American Legion Post 288 will not be responsible for any injuries or damage to person or property or loss of property while on any property owned, leased or otherwise used by the Williamsburg American Legion Post 288.

I hereby agree to these terms and rules:



Signature of renter___________________________________________Date______________________


Page two




Williamsburg American Legion Post 288

208 East Main Street

Williamsburg, OH 45176

Hall Rental Invoice


Renter’s Name ___________________________________________________________


Date __________________________


ITEM                            UNIT PRICE                              QUANTITY                                           TOTAL


Hall Rental (5hrs)        $400 per event                        ________                                            _____

Extra time                   $60 per hour                           ________                                            _____

Beer                            $145.00 per ½ barrel              ________                                            _____

Hourly rental               $75 per hour (2 hr. min)         ________                                            _____

Cleanup Fee                $60 per event                          ________                                            _____

Bartender Fee             $60 per event                          ________                                            _____

Deposit                        $100                                        ________                                            _____


GRAND TOTAL __________________________________________________________________


Bartenders ____________________________________________________________________


Note:  Bartenders are not to refund the hall rental deposit of $100 to the renter

Comments: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


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